The Editor Shop specializes in freelance government proposal editing, formatting, and graphics design.

State and federal proposals present a special challenge by combining numerous writers, a tight deadline and a high-stress environment into one document. All too often, the crush of collecting qualifications, combing through win themes and formatting resumes means that grammar is forgotten and punctuation is thrown to the wayside. While your writing team might be comprised of devoted contributors, most proposals end up noticeably written in multiple voices, which only confuses the recipient and risks a non-win.

That’s where The Editor Shop comes in. Invite us to help turn the fruit of your labor into a winning document – written clearly and concisely, formatted to perfection and supported with attention-catching graphics.

With more than 75 state and federal proposals under our belt, The Editor Shop is available to edit proposals of any length – from a quick 12-page read to a 100-page megalith complete with appendices. If you’re interested in discussing your proposal editing needs, please contact us. We would be happy to help.